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Say what you will about peer pressure... but when the #1 edibles brand in the country comes to you for Always On content, you definitely don't pass it up.

I had the luxury of concepting a year's-worth of these advertising morsels for KIVA Confections. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Social Concepts & Copy

Imagine Higher

Posted 03.29.2021 

Uplift your experience or Excite your senses… or perhaps you’d like to Chill and find some Balance… No matter how you enjoy our gummies, take the road best traveled with Camino.

Posted 01.10.2021 

Take one Midnight Blueberry CBN Camino Gummy and call it a night. Take two and call it high-bernation.

*I also composed the music for this post! Listen to the entire lullaby titled "Arrullo" in the Accoutrements tab.


Gift of the Lift

Posted 12.01.2020 

Lift your loved ones. Give the gift of Kiva this holiday season.

Bliss Out

Posted 07.27.2020 

Feels like the sun's setting on worry & weary.

Posted 09.22.2020 

Ask and we shall answer. Seek and you shall find. The redesigned locator tool on our website makes it easier to find  any Kiva product near you—because your journey should begin after you partake, not before.

You've Entered the Dreaming

Posted 03.23.2021 

*This was an Instagram Story in 4 parts.

Posted 10.07.2020 

Feels like music playing in your mind at just the right times.


Posted 03.19.2021 

When balance is achieved, the scales will always tip in your favor.

Weed Goes Green

Posted 11.18.2020 

*This was an Instagram Story.

Full Family

Posted 03.09.2021 

From Bliss to Balance, Excite to Uplift, there's a new journey waiting just for you with Camino.

KIVA_March_CaminoGrid copy.jpg

Work done at Something Massive

(July 2020 - April 2021)

Creative Directors: Jess Lovell & Becca Goldsmith

Art Direction: Sinbad Richardson & Amanda Penley

Writer: Myself

More Work

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