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Ring Security Cameras

"Protect What You Love"

They say home is where the heart is. 

And while that may be true, a home is so much more.

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Project Respawn


We'll interview individuals as they go into detail about cherished items (jewelry, mementos, heirlooms, etc) that were recently stolen. With the help of local law enforcement, we'll recover these personal belongings and deliver them back to the original owners as we capture their reactions.

Burglar FAQ

Branded Content

We'll interview convicted burglars as they watch thieves being caught red-handed by real Ring cameras. We'll ask them to provide insights and comment on these robberies from their point of view. 

Ring-Around Project

Public Relations

We'll take juveniles who've been recently charged with petty theft and divert them into a Ring intervention program. Through restorative justice practices, we'll bring the offender and the victim together to talk about the experience and come to a mutual understanding in a story of forgiveness and redemption.



We'll play into the feeling of personal loss with a series of out-of-home "Missing" posters, wall murals, milk cartons, and emergency road signs featuring commonly stolen items. 

The Good Samaritans

Social Campaign

Using the social media hashtag #GoodSamaritans, we'll compile various Ring-captured and user-generated video clips. Once curated, we'll use the trend to encourage others to engage in acts of kindness caught on Ring.

Instructor: Eddie Babaian - (Creative Director - INNOCEAN USA)

Art Direction: Michelle Kim - (

Writers: Cameron Kennerly & Myself

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