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Mario Martín del Campo

Born in: East L.A.

Lives & works in: a constant state of joy


The Story

  Mario's first job (at the tender age of 12) was writing ads for a local bicycle shop. His words helped sell nine bikes and a motorcycle.

  Now, he's a copywriter at a the world's first culture-focused agency: Cashmere. 

  But between those gigs, he gathered his fair share of experience...

  For three years, he taught high school English and AP Physics. Before that, he sold fruit out of a cart on the side of a road.

  He’s led seminars on power, race, and privilege while composing musical scores for promotional events.

  He’s helped produce and develop television shows (in Spanish).

  He’s written for NASA, helping make rocket science and stellar concepts more accessible to audiences.

  He also once wrote a healthcare company's entire website and developed their brand voice.

  So, what hasn’t he done?

  Well, he hasn’t written your next great campaign.

               At least, not yet.



The Book Shop School for Ads

- Creative Advertising

The School of Visual Concepts

- Copywriting

California State University, Northridge 

- Creative Writing


Cashmere Agency

- Senior Copywriter



- Copywriter


Something Massive

- Copywriter


- Copywriter

Wheelhouse DMG

- Copywriter

VOX Media

- Writer

Aspire Public Schools

- Writing/Physics Teacher

Estrella TV

- Production Assistant/Editor

*For a more meaty resume, click here.*

What Can I Do?

I can type!

But seriously, any copy you need written can look no further. My love of the English language comes from the fact I'm a non-native speaker. 

I can think!

That big idea you're looking for? I've got it. Shhhh, don't tell anyone. 

Actually, tell everyone. Ya boy wants to work.

At the same time!

If you've made it this far, you're really looking for a multi-faceted copywriter with experience in more than just advertising. 

It me. I'm copywriter.

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