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Google TV

Watch With Me
(Content Series)
We took Google TV's full-service approach to entertainment and brought it to the masses by producing a content series that asks: What does your watchlist say about you? and sat down with some of our favorite entertainers, artists, and cultural icons about what they watch and how those titles influence their artistry.

This is Watch With Me.

Latest Episode


Cutdowns & Teases

We worked closely with the Google client, our illustrious talent, and a plethora of film and television studios to interview, cut, edit, write, re-write and create video narratives that really embodied each talent's unique identity, allowing their personas to come through wholeheartedly on their social handles, in quick video cutdowns, and in-platform on the Google TV app.

Behind The Scenes

:30s Social Clips

Each episode included concepted social GIF posts, IG Stories, :15s & :30s cutdowns, and fun BTS footage cut to fit each talent's thematic through-line. 

Full Playlist


Watch all episodes, cutdowns, and behind the scenes footage on YouTube or by clicking HERE.

Work done @ Cashmere Agency

Post-Production: Little Farm Editorial

Creative Director: Anthony Alvarez

Art Direction: Nick Jones

Writer:  Myself

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