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"It's in the Air."

Folks like to complain that a bag of Lay's is mostly filled with air and hardly any chips.

Who's to say that wasn't always the point?





Museum of Contemporary Air Art


Experiential Event

Art, much like our chips, provides a feeling that transcends the senses. So we’re creating a pop-up Air Museum that puts the wonder of air on full display. We’ll show everyone how the air about Lay’s is to be experienced, not just seen.


Exhibits include:

  • Air Art Installations

  • World of Lay’s Scent Exhibit

  • Inflated Balloon Animal Exhibit

  • …And a Breathable Alcohol Bar

Get Some Air Festival

Experiential Event

To show that the campaign isn't just a bunch of hot air, we'll host a flying lantern festival in the great and airy outdoors. Each lantern will be biodegradable and carry tree seedlings, so that when they land they'll help create an ecosystem of trees known to release high amounts of oxygen into the air. 

Lay's Air-Frying Cookbook

Brand Partnership

What better way to showcase the power of air—and Lay's deliciousness—than by teaming up with Ninja to provide one-of-a-kind Lay's recipes, specifically crafted for cooking in an air-fryer. 

Air Guitar Challenge

Social Campaign

We'll take to TikTok and IG Reels to endorse the use of the world's most versatile instrument: the Air Guitar. We'll invite the public to participate in a chance to win extreme experiences, all they need to do is show us how Lay's gets them grooving. 

Lay's Mobile Aroma Fleet

Event Series

We'll deploy a fleet of Lay's Aroma Trucks to tailgates, concerts, food festivals, and anywhere people gather to create a special moment. Upon arrival, these scent-engineered vehicles will release the unmistakable aroma of Lay's Potato Chips, calling all to explore what's in the air. 

Limited-Edition Lay's Chips

Product Design

We'll design specialty packaging with a see-thru lining that showcases the one thing that makes a bag of Lay's so great; the air within it. 

It's in the Air... Fresheners

Product Giveaway

Embrace the joy of Lay's air everywhere you go with Lay's It's in the Air Fresheners, a free gift with every limited-edition bag of chips.

Instructor: Yama Rahyar - (Creative Director - RPA)

Art Direction: Megan Chovanec - (

Writers: Natali Amantea & Myself

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