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Visit Your Neighborhood

If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that the important aspects of life — togetherness, compassion, smiles, humanity itself — are more than warm feelings; they're essential.

So, we decided to bring that to the forefront of our audience's mind as it relates to the small businesses that surround them, in a campaign that asks you not to visit the ends of the Earth seeking something special in the wake of a pandemic, but to simply find it in your own community.

One Show Credit:

Wild Postings


Episodic Docuseries

Branded Content

We took deep dives into what our money accomplishes when we shop small.

YouTube Pre-Roll

6-Sec Video Ads

Little glimpses into those special interactions found only when you shop local.

Small Biz Social

Support Your Neighborhood

Sometimes, doing the neighborly thing requires a little reminding.


Zoom Innovation

A new way to support local eateries, without leaving your work-from-home space.

Google Maps Integration

We created a filter to help sort local shops based on causes, as well as added a way to put faces and names to small business facades.

Neighborhood Hub

Art Direction: Megan Chovanec - (

Writers: Robert Heckert, Courtney Prather & Myself

More Work

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