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CANN Social Tonics

"You Cann."
Cann is a cannabis drink made for those who want more from social interactions.  But what about those individuals with social anxiety?
Well, this campaign's for them.

OOH/Print Ads
"Because You Cann"

Never Have I Ever...


Employing the classic “Never have I ever...” party game, we'll use strategic Out-Of-Home placements on billboards and bus stops to ask the audience if they’ve ever felt anxious or out-of-place in specific social situations. We’ll provide an answer with our comforting tagline “You Cann”, which directly ties to Cann’s socially calming benefits.

Mirror Affirmations

Strategic Placement

Oftentimes, bathrooms in places like bars and music venues can be a places of refuge for those who aren’t comfortable in large crowds or noisy environments. Taking that into consideration, Cann will create branded mirrors with words of affirmation to be placed in bathrooms of crowded social places.

Product Innovation

Cann I Ask You Something?

Product Design

For the socially anxious, engaging in conversation is a heavy endeavor. Cann will help those who struggle with engaging in conversation by placing icebreaker questions on the cans themselves. While drinking Cann, people will feel more like themselves and more comfortable meeting others


  • What are you most grateful for in life?

  • What’s something you’ve dreamed of doing your entire life, but haven’t?

  • What does friendship mean to you?

  • If life is unfair to everyone, then isn’t it technically fair?

  • Do pets have names for their owners?


Cann Talks

Celebrity Interviews

In a fashion similar to late night talks at social gatherings, we’ll source various creators on social media to host “Cann Talks” via their platform. The talks will be interview-style and take place Live on social media, with celebrities/influencers discussing the universal anxieties people face and the strategies involved in overcoming them, all while drinking Cann. Think Drunk History meets Oprah. 

Dear Cann

Social Engagement

We’ll source questions from Cann’s followers about social anxiety in a contemporary version of an advice column on social media. Then, in a weekly IG carousel, we’ll respond with messages and advice about how people can handle those anxiety-inducing situations.


The Cann Hotline

Video Asset

In this video component of the You Cann launch campaign, we’ll show characters calling the “The Cann Hotline” (using the Cann can as a method of communication). They’ll call the Line in a specific anxiety-inducing social situation, or just in a moment where they feel out of place. The Cann line will affirm them that by chilling out with a can of Cann, they can ditch the worry, relax, and be themselves.



Experiential Event

In continuing the theme of inclusivity and beating social anxiety, Cann will host a one-of-a-kind event where people bring items that show who they really are; Bring Your Own Blank.


Similar to The Moth Radio Hour, people who want to share the significance of their item will be given the opportunity to do so throughout the event and further engage with others.

The Cann Hotline Phone Booth

Experiential Event

To bring our Cann Hotline launch idea to life, Cann will have specialized phone booths specifically designed for "Social Anxiety Emergencies.” People will pick up the phone and receive their own affirmations.  


After the person ends their call, a small can of Cann will be dispensed where quarters usually come out from.

Public Relations

You Cann Do It Scholarship

Public Relations

Never felt social anxiety? Try being the oldest person at a college party. We get it, and we believe it’s never too late to finish something you’ve started. The You Cann Do It scholarship will award money to those seeking a second chance at pursuing a college degree. These are people who are already breaking the norm and doing what they can to be true to who they are in a very #YouCann way.

Instructor: Stephen Chow - (Creative Director - Freelance)

Art Direction: Megan Chovanec - (

Writers: Robert Heckert & Myself

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